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Liebherr ultra-low temperature freezers meet the highest safety requirements

Liebherr’s ultra-low temperature freezers permit ultra-low temperature refrigeration in a temperature range from -40 °C to -86 °C. They use the best safety mechanisms and the latest technology for low energy consumption:

  • Minimal temperature fluctuations
    The units exhibit the least temperature fluctuation over a given time and within a given space.
  • Extensive monitoring system
    Liebherr units have alarm signals if there are deviations in internal temperatures. They also have extensive temperature and alarm recording options for periods in which the door was open or the power failed. These features reliably protect vaccines and samples.
  • Low energy consumption
    Liebherr ultra-low temperature freezers are among the most efficient models on the market worldwide. Their high-efficiency insulating vacuum panels and efficient cooling system enable the best possible energy savings and low operating costs.

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