Our Team

Our leadership team has years of industry experience in Sales, Finance, Product & Industry segment knowledge, which enables us to serve any market segment. We take the time to listen to our customers, getting to know each of them and tailoring their projects according to their unique needs and goals. We take pride in understanding our customers’ business to provide expertise and solutions from beginning to completion.

Niki Arakelian

President/ CEO

p: 215-499-8430
f: 215-486-5793
e: niki@nordoninc.com

A.J. Sailor

Partner/VP of Strategic Sales & Development Projects

p: 215-275-8473
f: 215-504-9100
e: aj@nordoninc.com

Enrico Merrone


p: 215 504-4700 Ext. 204
f: 215 486-5793
e: enrico@nordoninc.com

Joe Moffett

Vice President – CSI

p: 215-499-8165
f: 215-504-9100
e: jmoffett@coolersolutions.com

Nick Schmid

VP Sales, Contract

p: 609-405-2525
f: 215-486-5793
e: nicks@nordoninc.com

Sean Cuniff

Partner/Sales Manager

p: 215 504-4700 Ext. 234
c: 267 288-3219
e: seanc@nordoninc.com

Dave Rourke

Business Development Manager

c: 267-614-6811
e: daver@nordoninc.com

Joseph Wellein

Sales Executive

o: 215-594-5910
e: josephw@nordoninc.com

Brett Kulak

Director of Parts

c: 267-589-6207
e: brettk@nordoninc.com

Shelley Gordon

Executive Sales Coordinator Nordon/CSI

o: 215-672-7712 ext. 220
e: shelleyg@nordoninc.com

Jeff Gordon

Director of Emerging Markets

o: 215-341-3919
e: jgordon@nordoninc.com